Building on the success of the interactive nursery, Walmart challenged me to improve upon the concept for an interactive dining room.

Same general idea: We worked with the company TurboSquid to create 3D models of a number of Walmart goods. We then placed them into an interactive three-dimensional room, and created an interface for people to customize objects in the room to their liking, then add it all to their cart.

My Role

  • Visual design
  • Motion Design
  • UX / Interaction Design
  • Spec/Guideline
  • Coordination with multiple departments & stakeholders


Product shipped and was a massive success with the customer base. 

For all Walmart projects, we drew from the extensive research Walmart had conducted on its customer base. No time or budget to do any more UX research of our own except validation of prototypes through setting up remote tests on usertesting.com or other platforms.

Video Demo:


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