Walmart Classrooms (Case Study)

Revolutionizing School Supplies


Classrooms by Walmart, part of Walmart’s back to school campaign.

It was an innovative new concept of letting teachers create lists of items students need, which parents can then buy directly from Walmart and have shipped to their home. Saves time and money for busy parents.

Due to the expedited timeline of this project, and the very clear requirements & scope, we skipped wireframes in this instance.

My Role

  • Visual design
  • Motion Design
  • UX / Interaction Design
  • Spec/Guideline
  • Email design
  • Coordination with multiple departments & stakeholders


Product shipped and was a massive success with the customer base. 

For all Walmart projects, we drew from the extensive research Walmart had conducted on its customer base. No time or budget to do any more UX research of our own except validation of prototypes through setting up remote tests on or other platforms.


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