Truth About Design (Case Study)

Fixing The Design Industry's Information Problem


Candid truths and guidance for the design industry. There’s a ton of bad information out there being spread by unqualified people with very little experience. I’m aiming to help solve that problem.

My Role

  • Service design
  • Working with a distributed team of editors and marketers
  • Wireframes / UX / Interaction Design
  • Responsive design
  • Styleguide / Branding / Visual design
  • Email design 
  • Social media marketing (multi-channel)
  • Video recording 
  • Writing blog posts

The Problem:

Every year, 5-10.000 new designers are coming out of various schools and bootcamps, with no real guidance on how to perform in the real world. Most of the design education on the market is from people with very little experience and no credentials, delivered poorly. 

The Solution:

With my combination of skillset, expertise, candid and entertaining delivery, and connections in the industry, create a new platform that will engage this growing market of designers looking for honest advice and guidance. Engage other great designers to help create content for the platform.

Outcome (so far):

Launched on Jan 3rd, 2019. Getting very good traction on YouTube and Medium.


I’m going to add more detail here later. But to summarize, I am doing almost everything on this project:

  • Set up technical infrastructure for eCommerce, E-Learning, vendor management, blogging platform, video platform and affiliate program.
  • Hired and managed a team of video editors and social media managers to help out, because I quickly realized that I can’t do this all on my own
  • Filmed classes using professional-grade equipment for lighting and audio. 
  • Writing 5000 words per week (5 good blog posts)
  • Creating graphic design image posts for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Managing social media on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Designed the logo. [View Case Study]
  • Chose typography and color scheme.
  • Wrote 1000 lines of custom CSS to get everything to look right
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