Kyte Rental Cars (Case Study)

What A Great Team Can Accomplish In One Week


Rental Cars, Delivered. 

Kyte is a new startup that’s solving the “last mile” of car rentals. 

Rather than going to Enterprise or Hertz and dealing with two-hour wait times and dozens of upsells, with Kyte, the rental car comes to your door. 

My Role

  • Stakeholder workshops
  • UX Writing / Copywriting
  • Wireframes
  • Interaction Design
  • UI Design / Visual Design
  • Desktop / Mobile Design

The Problem:

Kyte has discovered an opening in the market and are looking to scale quickly. They needed a new online identity that shows they are “ready” to take on the world. Their timeline was short, their budget was medium, their team is small, but their vision and execution so far is fantastic.

The Solution:

  1. Create a compelling visual identity for Kyte that represents where they are going
  2. Simplify and streamline the car booking process
  3. Reflect the Kyte brand through appropriate language / UX Writing


Redesigned the entire visual identity, content hierarchy, booking flow, and UX Writing, for desktop and one week



We did a discovery workshop in order to quickly get up-to-speed on project scope, requirements and strategy.

Wireframe To Visual

UX Writing Progression

Visual Design Iterations

Basic Design System

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