San Francisco-based UX Designer With 10+ Years Experience.

Currently working at Facebook and very happy there.
Open to the occasional freelance opportunity.

I’ve worked with the absolute best in the industry across the entire UX lifecycle(Google, BMW, Wells Fargo, WalmartLabs).

My priority is to provide measurable business value through great design.

Experience matters. If you’re searching for a doctor to operate on your child, who do you want to work with? The person right out of med school, or the one who has performed hundreds of successful surgeries?

I'm The Right Designer For You If...

  • You need a partner who you can discuss early-stage ideas with and narrow down on what is the right product or service to build for your audience (Research & Ideation).
  • You need help crafting a compelling story around your company, product or service (Product Storytelling, Customer Journey).
  • You want to have full confidence that the end result of your money invested will be a product that works perfectly (Interaction Design), and looks great (Visual & Motion Design).
  • You are working in an organization where the biggest problem is not making a great design, but getting a large group of smart people to agree on a design that actually gets shipped (Communication & Collaboration).
  • You need someone who can work independently with very little instruction or clarity on requirements (real-life conditions).

What I've been up to lately


  • UX Strategy
  • UI Design
  • Storytelling/
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Digital Product Design
  • User Research
  • Motion Design
  • Marketing
  • Teaching / Mentoring
  • Public Speaking
  • Service Design